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Special Track

Global and Regional Perspectives




Session 1

Can we talk about regional common fate in Nephrology?

1. The European perspective (epidemiology)

Ziad Massy, Paris, France - ERA-EDTA Registry

2. The role of supranational – regional societies

Goce Spasovski, F.Y.R. of Macedonia

3. Role of National Registries in Nephrology - Epidemiological and economical point of view

Orsolya Cseprekál, Budapest, Hungary

4. Special issues of AKI and CKD in medium income regions

Mehmet Sukru Sever, Istanbul, Turkey


Session 2

From the molecule to social determinism. Challenges in Nephrology

1. Translational medicine and real life

Anupan Agarwal, Birmingham, AL, USA

2. Arteriosclerosis in children on dialysis - prevention vs damage limitation

Rukshana Shroff, London, United Kingdom

3. Dialysis: bridging towards transplantation

4. Recent developments in kidney transplantation

Ondrej Viklicky, Prague, Czech Republic

5. Holistic care for psychosocial complications of chronic kidney disease

Ágnes Haris, Budapest, Hungary


Session 3

The roots of adult diseases go back to childhood

1. The role of prematurity in kidney diseases in children and adults

Attila Szabo, Budapest, Hungary

2. Adolescent hypertension: transition from the adolescent to the adult

3. Cardiovascular consequences of paediatric CKD

4. Diabetes - the changing face of a disease

Istvan Wittmann, Pecs, Hungary

5. Progression of kidney disease in childhood

Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg, Germany


Session 4

Nephrology: The Hungarian Perspective

1. From Koranyi to WKD - Reestablishment of a European Center

László Rosivall, Budapest, Hungary

2. From RAS to renal tissue repair - visualization of physiology and pathophysiology

Janos Peti-Peterdi, Los Angeles, CA, USA

3. Non-traditional risk factors of kidney transplant recipients: pieces from a big Hungarian study

Miklos Molnar, Memphis, TN, USA

4. Mysteries of inheritance

Kálmán Tory, Budapest, Hungary