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Abstract Categories

A) Acid-base and electrolytes

B) Cell signalling. Cell biology. Hormones

C) Renal development and cystic diseases

D) Genetic diseases and molecular genetics

E) Renal pathology. Experimental and clinical

F1) Hypertension. Experimental

F2) Hypertension. Clinical

G) Nephrolithiasis and uric acid

H) Clinical nephrology I) Glomerulonephritis

J1) AKI. Experimental

J2) AKI. Epidemiology and outcome

J3) AKI. Prevention and treatment

K1) CKD. Lab methods, GFR measurement, urine proteomics

K2) CKD. Pathophysiology, progression and risk factors

K3) CKD. Clinical epidemiology

K4) CKD. Anaemia

K5) CKD. Bone disease

K6) CKD. Nutrition, inflammation and oxidative stress

K7) CKD. Rehabilitation

L1) Diabetes. Basic research

L2) Diabetes. Clinical studies

M1) Dialysis. Extracorporeal dialysis: techniques and adequacy

M2) Dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis

M3) Dialysis. Cardiovascular complications

M4) Dialysis. Vascular access

M5) Dialysis. Anaemia

M6) Dialysis. Bone disease

M7) Dialysis. Epidemiology and outcome

M8) Dialysis. Health services research

M9) Dialysis. Protein energy wasting, inflammation and oxidative stress

N1) Renal transplantation. Experimental, immunetolerance of allogenic and xenogenic transplants

N2) Renal transplantation. Epidemiology and outcome

N3) Renal transplantation. Treatment and immunosuppression

O) Paediatric nephrology

P) History of nephrology

Q) Patient education research and training in nephrology